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    What is the rules of the Miss Manager Game Rules?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Each person is divided into a card, which has different functions to different cards.

      1. Get A: substitute wine card, let who drink.
      5, get a 5 camera or camera, and the 5 -pumping person shouted the camera. Everyone stopped all movements, and the people who moved to drink.
      6, get 6 touches your nose, you can keep it first.

      The main gameplay Introduction:
      The two people play, five dice per person. Each person shakes once, and then looks at the points in his own box, starting with the dealer, how many points are there in the dice box. Then the other party guess the letter or not, and the other party believes it. If the other person is wrong, the box will be opened to verify. It is based on the number of other dice boxes.

    2. A pair of poker takes out the ace of the size, puts the cards in the order of disruption, starts from the first person, and extracts it in order in order. Each card represents different meanings.

      a: Specify one person to drink
      2: Miss card, you can find a lady card to accompany the lady, the lady's replacement r r
      3: Match Sanyuan Games
      4: People who draw 4 cards can use the nose skills at any time. The last person who found and touched the nose to drink
      5: People who draw the 5 card number Use the camera skill at any time at any time. Everyone cannot move after shouting the camera. The people who move the people should drink
      6: 66 Da Shishun, touch the 6 -card card directly through
      7: Get 7 games r n8:只有摸到8号牌的人才可上厕所,8号牌也可转赠其他人,可持续保存在手中rn9:谁摸到9号牌就要自饮一-杯r N10: Neuropathy, everyone cannot speak to neuropathy. When you speak, you have to drink until the next person draws the neuropathy card
      j: Those who touch the j card need to drink
      q: Those who touch the Q card need to drink at home
      k: Place a cup, pour K -pouring in the cup, and when the last k is drawn, the holder of the last k will be the cup. Drink all the wine

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