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    What is the principle of online games? What are the processes of molding?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What is the principle of online games? What are the processes of molding?”
    1. Working principle of online games:

      The online game is working like this:

      1. Save all user information from the server records, all information modification is the server completed

      2. The server accepts the customer's request to send the necessary information to the client, so that the player's normal game

      3. The server receives information feedback from the client, and according to the feedback information, Modify the game account accordingly

      It briefly introduced from the above, we can see that online games can be considered as working like this:

      , Modify the game account information!

      The online games are mostly based on the customer / server mode on the Internet. The server program runs on the game server. The designer of the game creates a huge game space. The client program logs in to the game at the same time. Simply put, online games are actually provided by game developers with a game environment, and players perform game operations relatively freely and openly in this environment.

      It plug -in is a tool that helps you can better play the game. Some functions can help you complete the copy, task and so on. Generally, it is a compressed file, which is pressed to the WOW directory. There are some tasks and materials in it, which can help you play more conveniently.

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