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    What is the game version number?


    Sep 23, 2022

    Recently, there are games to go online and operate. The defendant told that there is no version number, it may be offline or seized. What is the version number? How to get this version number

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    1. The game version number is the approval number of the relevant game publishing operations approved by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Film and Television.
      The game version number is reviewed and released by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Film and Television, and the protection of game software developed by game software manufacturers or individual authors.
      In "Interim Provisions on Internet Publishing Management"
      Article 5
      The Internet publishing referred to this regulation refers to the selection and editing processing of the works created by Internet information service providers to create or edited by others It is published on the Internet or sent to the user end for the public to browse, read, use, or download the online communication behavior. Its works mainly include:
      (1) Publishing contents such as books, newspapers, journals, audiovisual products, electronic publications, etc., or works published on other media;
      (2) After passing Edit works in literature, art and natural sciences, social sciences, engineering technology and other aspects.
      The Internet publishing institutions referred to in this regulation refer to Internet information service providers engaged in Internet publishing business by the administrative department of the press and publication and telecommunications management agencies.
      The on Internet publishing activities must be approved. Without approval, no unit or individual may conduct Internet publishing activities.
      The Internet publishing agency is engaged in Internet publication activities according to law, and no organization or individual may be interfered, stopped and destroyed.
      Extension information: handle
      . The General Administration has a clear legal basis with the approval of driving approval by the State Council.
      . The approval of the version number does not charge any fees.
      . The application version number that previously circulated needs to be "2 mobile phones, 5 light plates" and other rumors.
      . There is no "urgent handling" channel.
      . Unless it is extremely necessary, foreign languages ​​shall not be used.
      6. Any game with mobile terminals needs to be approved, including H5, Java, etc.
      It, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television responded to "80 working days for mobile games" is not accurate. According to the different game content, the shortest review time only takes 11 working days, and the average review time is 40 jobs. Around the day. 80 working days are the upper limit of the audit, and only very individual games can be achieved.
      Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Game version number

    2. Hello, I am glad to answer your questions!
      The game version number is from 2017. The game must apply for the version number, which is a compulsory certification. It can also be said that the game version number is the approval number to operate and promote. The birth of the game is much simpler.
      If you still have any questions, you can consult me ​​again.

    3. The version number is the standard for the game and charges. It is equivalent to you who opened a store and want to open. The version number is a business license.
      The process of the application version number is to find a publishing house with online publishing qualifications or companies that obtain online publishing service licenses. The General Administration of review, if there is a return opinion, the manufacturer needs to make amendment, and then submit it to the audit, and post the ISBN number and version number electronic document. If necessary, you can communicate privately.

    4. The General Administration of Press and Publication requires companies that operate online games. Each product needs to go to the Press and Publication Agency for an Internet publishing filing, which is usually called the game version number;
      n1. The application unit has obtained "Computer Software Copyright"
      2, the product access time of the application unit has not exceeded 30 days
      3, the filing game products must meet the "Interim Regulations on Internet Cultural Management", "Interim Online Game Management Interim, The relevant provisions of the Measures
      The materials that the enterprise needs to prepare is:
      1, copyright certificate
      2, research and development company business license
      3, operating company business license )
      4, operating company ICP certificate
      5, operating authorization letter (developed by yourself, no need to provide it by yourself)
      6, game file packaging
      7, business technology solution
      Note: Currently applying for the game version number is first reviewed in the provincial bureau, and then approved at the General Administration;

    5. The game version number is the game publishing filing. The online operation of a game must have the game version number. The game version has the National Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Administration for approval, and the application version number requires ICP business license and game software copyright.
      The number of declarations for the current game version number is limited, and the application time cycle is relatively long. In order to ensure that the game version number application is smooth and not returned, the game will be tested.

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