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    What games do not need to download software, you can play through the WeChat Mini Program?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What games do not need to download software, you can play through the WeChat Mini Program?”
    1. With these games, you can play on the applet without downloading the software. They are: Five Son Chess, Landlords and Three Kingdoms.
      The first game that does not need to be downloaded, Wuzi Chess. As a very popular chess game, Wuzi Chess is loved by the majority of players. Because of his diverse gameplay, many fans have been harvested.
      games such as Wuzi Chess before you need to download the corresponding game software to play. But with the development of the applet, Wuzi Chess can now play without downloading independent software.
      only need to find the corresponding Wuzi chess game in the applet, and you can play directly in the applet, eliminating the space memory of the mobile phone.
      and the five -son chess in the small program, you can also play online with friends and netizens, which are very convenient!
      So this is the first game.
      The second game that does not need to be downloaded, fighting landlords. Before the fire, the happy landlord and other landlords such as the landlord were also moved to the applet. For free, you need to download at any time, and you need to open the troubles at any time.
      It now only needs to be played directly in the small program, you can directly play the game of the landlord. And his gameplay and content are not lost to the landlord of the download software. Coupled with his mechanism, it is also more perfect, so it is also very welcomed.
      The third paragraph without downloading, the Three Kingdoms kill. In the applet, you can play the Three Kingdoms directly. Although the Three Kingdoms in the small program are castrated a part of the content, this does not affect the struggle between players and players.
      instead because the game is simplified, it is easier and more convenient. At a glance, you can understand at a glance.
      and downloading a software for the Three Kingdoms need to use a large memory of the mobile phone. Now just use a small program to avoid many unnecessary troubles.
      The or above is a game that can be played on the applet.
      In addition, do you know which other games can you play on the applet? May wish to talk about what you know in the comment area.

    2. I play the most often, and there are sewing pins, happy balls, mahjong. Ma Liang's painting guess and so on. There are quite a lot of games in the small program, but they are all puzzle games.

    3. There is no need to download the game, and there are many to play through the WeChat Mini Program. 1. Jump. This game was all the rage. It can be said to be a very casual mini -game. It is not big, and there are ranking mechanisms, which are very fun. 2. Happy Landlord. We can fight the landlord through the small program. Not only can we play online, we can also invite friends to play together.

    4. There are quite a lot of such games. For example, the "jumping" game that was popular across the country in recent years is to show the public through the WeChat Mini Program. There are also "Werewolf Kill" and other chess and card games. These games do not occupy memory, which is an important feature of such games.

    5. Many games now do not need to download software, and they can play on WeChat mini -programs.
      1. Many discharge games can be played on WeChat applets. It is very convenient and does not need to take up too much memory.
      2. Fighting landlord, playing mahjong. The same is true of these two games, very convenient, and can be online.
      In addition to several games introduced, there are many, such as plant vs. zombies, playing a bomb and so on.

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