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    How about Yi Xing in "Glory of the King"?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “How about Yi Xing in "Glory of the King"?”
    1. The core equipment of 却 Xing is the frosty staff. Yixing's skill mechanism determines that his skills can basically be pointed out and how can it be empty. Attacking its output directly, the skill deceleration of its own skills plus the passive of the frosted staff, you can limit the output efficiency of the enemy more than 50%when playing a group. At this time Wave skills hit, the enemy's crispy skin has lost its combat effectiveness, and he has to leave the battlefield to seek self -protection or even be beheaded by our front row. The passive and high -speed cast of the frosted staff can achieve comprehensive and full -scale. During the period of time. Bleak

    2. 弈 Until I encountered Yixing, I understood what was called a man with his own sword. Compared to him, my Zhao Yun is simply the son of Tianmei picked up. At present, whether this hero is spell or AD, he can do high damage. Especially the AD crit, the passive bonus damage is very high, the crit damage can be fighting with the young lady. If it is an AP stream, the role in team battles is also very good, the scope of big moves is scary, and the coherence of skills also makes countless players be frightened.

    3. Overall weak, suitable for specific lineups or targeted lineups. The first level is speechless, and can only rely on the A clear soldiers, and the self -reliance is faster than him. The fourth level was also very weak, and the chess pieces were dissatisfied, and it was difficult to play a role. Later control and damage are full, but if it is not a position battle, it is useless. What kind of lineup is suitable for? For example, there are Huang Zhong opposite or teammates. It is pretty good to take it out to hit Diao Chan, and I don't think of anything.

    4. Well, my life. Maximum to the ninth in the province, did not enter the national service. Now the position is hovering around 5 stars in the king. Last night, the number of gold and silver cards was about 200, but the winning rate was very hanging at 50%. I like this hero very much. I really like it. Handsome, Wen Qinbin, so I am a complete face control? Unlike most people, I play Yixing's general outfit is cooling shoes, hot dominant, extremely cold storm, ice staff, echoed stick, look at the sixth part of the lineup, more meat masks, and reply more. A nightmare, there are more hats on the crispy skin.

    5. 应该 Speaking of the conclusion, this should be the most entertaining hero I have ever seen since S6 entered the pit. If you are going to play this game to relax, choose Yi Xing. If you do n’t care about anything, you just bomb it. You can go wherever the enemy is. You can see people, even if you think there may be someone where you may, you will throw it in two chess pieces. Suspicious life. Bleak

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