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    How about King Glory Yi Xing


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. In fact, one thing that you must do well to play this hero is to predict the position. His skills mainly rely on placing a chess piece to fight the damage. The enemy heroes cause certain spell damage, this skill tests the player's ability to judge the enemy hero position. If you are better to judge the game and judgment, you will easily judge the enemy's position. If you judge that it is not good, you can have a very simple way to put the chess piece closest to the enemy closest to the enemy. The place, at the same time, quickly release another chess piece, so that he can walk between your two chess pieces no matter how much he.
      In fact, this hero has a natural advantage. His clear soldiers are very strong. After he arrives at the second level, there will be four Go pieces of Go. With his general attack, he can quickly kill the soldiers to kill all soldiers. Lose. The ordinary attack of this hero is still very strong, and when he takes the soldier to the opponent's house, he has time to go home to add his life, and also have time to swim to other people's lines to support his teammates.
      If the disadvantage of this hero, it is that it has a skill that restricts him and hit the other hero. The damage that the other party suffers within two seconds will be reduced a lot, so after he hurts the other party, he must wait for two seconds to hurt again, so that he will always hurt.
      The key to this hero's strong combat power is that its range is particularly large, which is farther than the flat A distance of the shooter, so the damage is still high in the area of ​​the big move that cooperates with his big move. And it has a characteristic, that is, its damage has nothing to do with the level of his skills, but it has something to do with the level of its own characters, so it must be considered a good distance to detonate the damage to make high output.
      The more interesting thing of this hero is that he can continuously detonate his Go chess pieces. This is a more interesting place. After continuous detonation, his subsequent damage will be reduced, only half of the original, so regardless of the follow -up, you will take the follow -up you will take the follow -up you. How many times did the goal of Go, each time the damage was half of the normal injury.

    2. The new hero Yi Xing is still relatively strong. The overall damage is in the middle and upper reaches. A set of skills can be crispy in seconds, provided that the target is hit.
      The king glory game, each hero is very powerful, the key is to depend on how you use it.
      each hero has its own characteristics and use, or it depends on the player's personal operational strength.
      The player is the most powerful. No matter how powerful the hero is, it is also operated by the player.

    3. 1. To precisely predict a skill, when placing a chess piece, you must find the position of the enemy, or predict which orientation will the enemy appear from, so as to accurately act on the opponent's body, and the chess pieces can be accurately. The duration is 15 seconds. If the prediction is wrong, the enemy will avoid your attack, then this time the offense will be invalid. Therefore, the player's prediction must be accurate,

      2, the combination of mastering the distance of the chess pieces can attract two black and white chess pieces that can be placed in a certain distance, which will cause explosion. It can also cause 90%of the enemy's slowdown effect. This can be said to be very useful in team battles, but if the player predicts that the distance is too large, the distance between the two chess pieces is too large, which cannot cause explosion, or black and white chess pieces are placed in the place where the black and white chess pieces are placed. Position, not around the enemy, then it is easy to avoid this skill. So be sure to master the distance between chess pieces and don't waste opportunities.

      3 When the time to find a good team to start with a big move, Yixing will draw a huge chessboard and four chess pieces appear, but it takes two seconds to complete the complete molding of the chessboard. The timing of release is wrong, then the enemy will take this opportunity to escape the scope of the chessboard, and the purpose of the control will not be achieved. If the release time is too early, it may cause misleading teammates and cause team battles to lose. Therefore, when the big move is released, be sure to cooperate with teammates, seize the right time to release the big move, put the damage and control effect of the big move to the maximum, form an advantage in team battles to help teammates effectively organize attack!

    4. Although Yixing has a strong consumption ability, but its own explosive ability is weak, when online, Yi Xing should mainly consume the soldiers, and use the linkage of the first skill and two skills and the general attack to carry out the general attack to perform the general attack. Consumption of the soldiers, as much as possible to lower the bloodline of the line enemies as much as possible. If the time is right, you can also try to cooperate with us to complete it. Yi Xing in the team battle has a very strong combat capability. In team battles, Yi Xing can first use the linkage of one skill and two skills to consume the enemy's blood volume, and to find the right time to release the big move. This will play a very high damage effect. So changing the war situation may be uncertain!

    5. In the Glory of King Glory, Yi Xing, the hero, has a good control ability, and his passive effects with famous knives and fate have greatly improved Yixing's survivability. However, in actual combat, Yixing's output ability is relatively weak. As one of the main output in the team, Yixing cannot be well competent to the heavy responsibility of the output of the law system. Therefore, except for a period of time, it is rare to see Yixing in the opposite game.

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